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Corporate Space

MHO Space provides bespoke office space to corporate customers which is in keeping with the client’s individual corporate styling and branding.  This solution is suitable for clients who want to provide a group of 3 to 300 of its employees an office-away-from-office experience in a single setting. 

Landing Space

We provide office space to companies who are looking for temporary solutions whilst waiting on office accommodation of a more permanent nature to come available.  However, MHO Space will always seek have those clients remain with us for the longer term should they wish to do so by offering our Corporate Space solution to interested parties.

Flexi Multi Space

MHO Space offers flexible solutions to suit teams or individuals who may rotate.  For example a husband and wife can share a space under a single booking or a team of individuals from the same company can own a multi-seat space and use it on a rotating basis.  MHO Space has the relevant booking software available to clients to make the most of their office space.

Individual Desk Space

We provide individual desk space rental to individual clients with agreements ranging from one day to five days to suit the varying degree of requirements of workers.  The options available under this solution can vary from a single desk space in an open-plan environment right up to a dedicated private office space.

Meeting Rooms

Each client can avail, free of charge, of our numerous meeting rooms.  These meeting rooms vary in size from small (facilitating 2 to 3 people), medium (4 to 8 people) and large ‘boardroom style’ offerings (up to 20 people).  An online booking system is in place for those shared facilities.  Corporate clients with employees greater than 50 people will be provided with a number of dedicated meeting rooms as part of its package.

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